5 Tips to look good your underwear

To look good on the outside you have to start from the inside ... by the underwear, for example. Here I leave some tips to look good the underwear that we wear every day and that does not affect our whole look. Check!

  1. Wear underwear of your size
    Panties and bra should not have one size more nor one less, especially that, should not stay small.
  2. I know it's hard to get them the right fit size, but there are now many stores that help you determine the size of the bra according to the size of your back and cup.
  3. Likewise there are many catalogs that offer your measurement, hence the importance of knowing very well what your size. Nothing worse than trying to look a size less, the clothes you get small and tight, apart from uncomfortable looks very bad.
  4. The back part of the bra has to be thick so it will not be marked, if you wear dress to go to the office, these types of bras will help you too ... Discreet and more comfortable.
  5. If you opt for a strapless it should fit perfectly well to your body so that you do not notice your breasts very down, with these clothes, that is what usually happens ...
  6. None of your panties should go to the hip! You will make that bottle effect with a wave that you will not want ... Better choose clothing that stays at your waist or on top of it.
  7. The molding strips are excellent allies. Use them regularly so that you get used to them, and also identify which is the one that best suits your body type.

Remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with yourself, the underwear should be your great ally to make your body look the way you like it!