Tips for choosing lingerie that fits and cares for the female body

Although not seen, completes the outfit of every woman and helps to give security, but it is also important to know what kind of underwear favors or is suitable for our body.

Women have changed in every way. We are independent and have abandoned some roles, but we remain, above all and even death, female.

And the best expression of it is in our underwear. Although nobody sees it, we always want it to be cute, that we are perfect and make us feel model.

The underwear, just like other elements of our dress, has secrets and that is why Francisca Méndez CEo Chic Paris, so that we unravel some tips you should not forget:

- Beige is not the only color that does not show in white clothes: There are also shades of lilac (mauve) and fuchsias that under white clothes do not translate and combine much better with all types of skins.

- Which pump is best fit? It depends on the outerwear you wear; Colaless and undeclared panties are the best choice for tight pants or dresses. Bikinis, hikinis or thongs are more recommended for loose dresses or skirts. In the case of hikini is ideal for people who feel safer with a bottom that covers a little more. Each body has a particular model, which accommodates better, but depends on whether your muscle mass is more tonic or not, which allows an overweight person to be allowed to use a colaless.

- Push up should not use them all: Push up is intended for women with little bust but also for women who have a separate bust, since the main function of push up is to enhance but also to centralize. It can even be worn by women of C.

- For very tight pants, is colaless better than the seamless pant ?: Both options are equally good, since they do not mark.

- The care of the laundry of underwear: Goodbye to the hair conditioners and all those secrets that have given you. The underwear should be hand washed, with mild detergent (ideally hand soap liquid) and dry in the shade. Never dry in a clothes dryer or in the sun as it turns yellow and burns the elastics. Nor should it be left to soak, since the loose dirt, immediately sticks to the fabric dyeing the color. If you do not have time to wash by hand, you should place it in the washer inside a mesh bag to spoil it as little as possible.

- It is possible to sleep with bras, but ..: It is advisable only for those women with much bust, heavy busts, and during the pregnancy and lactation. For this, suitable sleepers, without beard, of fine fabrics (microfiber, cotton), never of synthetic fabrics (nylon) should be used.

- Any trick for the strapless bra not to fall ?: A good strapless bra does not fall, there are no tricks to achieve that one that does not have good fit does not fall. For a strapless to have good fit must have certain technical characteristics; Wide contour and firm fabric or inner lining to aid lift. It also helps to apply silicone on the top edge of the cup and contour. In this type of bras use the correct size is more fundamental although in a classic bra, the size of the contour and the cup should be the perfect, there is no equivalent value.

- The best fill for flat women: Ideally, they use fillings with soft process, that is, they are soft so that the enhancement effect is more natural. The type of filling that achieves better results is the so-called bolia (goes throughout the entire cup) with which it achieves a much deeper enhancement and centralization effect. The use of bra makes all women retain fluid in the bust and when using fill there are some innovations that should be highlighted.

- Black is the sexy color by nature ?: That's right, black is strongly related to sexy and sensual, but Italian red has been gaining strength, managing to remove the red color of the erotic connotation that had in the past.

- Should you use push up or fill ?: The push up enhances a little, but the effect is very difficult to size with clothes. If you really want to see you with more back, you should wear a fuzzy pants.

- Girdles or not: The girdles are designed for those women who want to hide the excess fat located in the abdomen, waist and hips. They can be worn with all types of clothing but are more recommended for dresses and skirts, since with pants is marked on the back. For this there are so-called 'cinturettes' that only take the waist, hip and abdomen since they do not come with built-in panties.

- When should the underwear be dead ?: When the suspenders have sagged (this is seen when the bretel has to be adjusted to the maximum so that the bust is at the corresponding height), when the ring bends deforming the cup, When the contour fabric is very worn and has yielded (this is seen when there is no longer the contour in place but it rises in the back.). And definitely when you got bored.

- Should women with large breasts wear wide breeches ?: A good support for large and heavy busts has to have wider straps, thus preventing the strap from being embedded in the shoulders due to the weight of the bust. But not only do you need thicker straps to give a good lift, but also wider contours and firmer fabrics.

- The fabrics you should not use: Synthetic fabrics such as nylon are harmful to underwear as they are the ideal place for the formation of fungus and bad odors. The more noble the fabric is, the better.

- Beware of accessories such as chains or metal figures: Accessories can be used in underwear provided they have a coating process that prevents the metal from having direct contact with the skin, as they can cause allergies or irritations.